Download XCode 3.1

I still run OSX 10.5, I know I’m so old fashioned… anyhow I wanted to upgrade some Mac Ports stuff and discovered the upgrade required XCode 3+ I only have version 3.0. I happily pottered off to Apple’s site and downloaded XCode 3.2, ran the package and … arghhh you must have OSX 10.6 or above to install this! Grrr, how annoying considering it was a 900MB download. Guess I’ll just have to find the 3.1 version. After ages and ages searching on Apple’s site I gave up and started searching with Google.

To save anyone else the bother here is the link to the XCode 3.1.3 package (Apple developer login required):

download xcode 3.1.1

Written on 13 Jan 2010 and categorised in Macintosh, tagged as xcode, leopard, snowleopard, and 10.5

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