Apologies about the slightly messy site, just combining my old .org site and this one and getting my head round Jekyll as an engine.


Contact me by emailing me at: contact at chillibear dot com or via my profile on linkedIn: linked in logo


Experience across a wide range of technology. I should be able to find or create a good solution for your requirements.

  • Agile project management (certified scrum master)
  • Broadcast editing facilites:
    Apple Final Cut Pro and XSAN
  • Video encoding solutions
  • Application prototyping
  • Technical architecture
  • Workflow streamlining
  • Software engineering
  • Internet application and website hosting
  • Software prototyping
  • Website design
  • Semantic information architecture
  • Systems integration
  • Domain modelling
  • Photography

Notes to self

I wouldn't exactly call it a blog, more just random notes jotted down for future reference. I keep an archive of older notes for your reading pleasure!


FreeBSD logo I actively use the FreeBSD operating system on my server systems. One of the things I do to contribute back to the FreeBSD project is maintaining some software ports for the system. You can see the list of ports I maintain on the FreeBSD ports site or on the FreshPorts site.

My own FreeBSD page has further details about the ports I maintain and other useful FreeBSD notes and links.

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