Parallels and USB devices

One problem I have with Windows XP installed under Parallels on my Macbook occurs when I plug in new USB devices. You get prompted to connect them to the Mac or the virtual machine. If I select the VM then nothing further happens, windows sits there ignoring the device. I have to run a “_scan for hardware changes_” from the device management console to get it to pick up the USB device. It’s annoying since the command is buried under half a dozen clicks. So I was after a way of doing a scan programmatically.

After a bit of rummaging around I found the MS do a package called DevCon, you can download it here:


That allows you to control device manager from a command line, so for my rescan I would run the following:

devcon.exe Rescan

So I can pop that in a batch file on my desktop or setup a shortcut and presto, the problem is still there, but now it’s only 1 click to sort.

Written on 20 Aug 2009 and categorised in Macintosh, VirtualMachines, and Windows, tagged as XP and USB

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