DsgnIntf.dcu not found

Damn, and you really wanted to use that component? Well dsgnintf.pas is located in your {delphi}\Source\ToolsAPI\ directory, so you can add that to your library path, but if you’re compiling under Delphi 6 or 7 you’ve got a problem since the code that was originally in the dsgnintf.pas file is now split across several files. The solution? A few directives to replace the

uses: DsgnIntf;

line thus:

{$IFDEF VER120} 
{$DEFINE DEL345} {$ENDIF} {$IFDEF VER130} {$DEFINE DEL345} {$ENDIF} uses {$IFDEF DEL345} DsgnIntf {$ELSE} DesignIntf, DesignEditors, VCLEditors, RTLConsts {$ENDIF};

Written on 23 Dec 2008 and categorised in Delphi, tagged as DsgnIntf

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